Sure enough, after Kamsa listened to all his advisors, he decided that actually any of the babies could be the one to kill him. He had a crooked heart, so he thought that Providence was also dishonest, and the prophecy might not be dependable. So he went to Vasudeva and Devaki, forcibly took the baby from them, and killed it. Then, just to be safe, he also had Vasudeva and Devaki put into prison.
Each year, Devaki gave birth to a child, and Kamsa killed it. Neither Devaki’s tears nor good advice from well-wishing friends could dissuade him from these evil activities. In fact, it usually happened that people who tried to reason with Kamsa became his worshipers, so strong was his demonic charm.
Kamsa also made stronger alliances with other demons, and increased his atrocities against the good kings and princes and the brahmanas.

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