After Kamsa had killed six of Devaki’s babies, Devaki became pregnant again. This time she was filled with effulgence and gladness, and felt that the Supreme Personality of Godhead was within her. This was Balarama, who is the expansion of Krishna and who, in another form, serves Krishna’s form of Vishnu as the serpent bed. He came first, in the mood of serving Krishna, to purify the womb so that Krishna could come next.
But Devaki did not give birth to Balarama. Krishna made an arrangement to transfer Balarama to the womb of Rohini, another wife of Vasudeva who had been sent to his brother Nanda, the king of the cowherd village of Vrindavan. Balarama was therefore born in Vrindavan, and everyone thought Devaki had had a miscarriage.

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