This is the eternal spiritual world.
At the top we see Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, a transcendental cowherd boy at play with His topmost devotees. These devotees are so totally in love with Him that they even forget He is God.
Being God, He can expand Himself into unlimited forms without diminishing Himself. Therefore we see, in the middle, a milk-white form of Krishna wearing blue instead of yellow. This is Balarama, Krishna’s first expansion who plays as His brother, another cowherd boy.
After Balarama come the Vishnu or Narayana forms, manifested for those who do not want to forget that He is God, and who prefer the more formal worship of this majestic four-armed form.
But some become envious of God’s position and want one just like His. They wish to be gods themselves instead of serving God. Just to give these souls a place to try to fulfill their desires, and to ultimately learn that such a choice cannot bring happiness, the Supreme Lord again expands Himself as Maha-Vishnu (Great Vishnu). Maha-Vishnu lies down in a darkened part of the spiritual world, in the Causal Ocean, which is made of the undifferentiated material energy. There He begins to create the material world…

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