The Lord further enters His creation to maintain it. He expands Himself millions and billions of times to live in each atom and to personally accompany each soul in its journey in the material world.

Besides the Lord Himself in each heart, we also see here:
- the individual eternal soul, a tiny spark of spirit who is so powerful that he fills the body with consciousness and life.
- the subtle body, defined as mind, intelligence, and false ego, which reflects the level of advancement of understanding of each soul.
- and the gross physical body, selected to fit the nature of the subtle body.

This story has a resolution.
Remember, in the first painting, the rebellious soul who has rejected the service of the Supreme Personality of Godhead to seek his own supposed godhood? He has encountered much trouble and misery, some bits of happiness that are more like absence of misery, and repeated births and deaths. He has not realized who lives in his heart as his eternal friend. When he finally becomes frustrated enough to ask “why?” the Lord in his heart arranges for him to encounter a spiritual master who can guide him to surrender to Krishna in loving devotional service and return to the spiritual world.



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