Krishna and the Gopis in Moonlight

One night in autumn when the moon was at its brightest, the flowers were blooming and the breeze was blowing just right, Krishna went into the forest and played His flute. All the Gopis heard the sound of His flute and could not restrain themselves from rushing out of their homes, the married ones even leaving their husbands and babies behind, to go to Krishna in the forest. There He teased them at first, saying that they should be at home like proper girls and women, even though He was the one who had called them. They did not like His teasing, and scolded Him. He smilingly relented, and walked with them deeper into the forest. They all enjoyed loving exchanges, and eventually began the rasa dance in which Krishna expanded Himself to as many forms of Himself as there were gopis so that each gopi could feel He was with her alone.

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