Krishna Lifts Govardhana Hill

Once, when Krishna was about seven years old, the men of the cowherd village were planning a sacrifice to honor the demigod Indra, who sends rain. Krishna is always the Supreme Personality of Godhead, whether acting as a little boy or not, and He did not really like this idea. Why should these fortunate people, who had Krishna Himself in their very midst, offer a sacrifice to a mere demigod, whose only power was to give material help?
Using persuasive powers far beyond those of an ordinary boy, Krishna talked His father and the other men into simply offering the sacrifice to Govardhana Hill, which is an expansion of Krishna, and which is blessed daily by His lotus feet as well when Krishna and His friends herd the cows there.
The men agreed to do this, but when Indra looked down and saw that the sacrifice meant for him had been diverted by this “talkative little boy,” he called for the clouds that bring the rains of devastation. These are not ordinary clouds, and are very dangerous. The clouds came and poured water and hail upon the helpless village of Vrindavan, and as the land disappeared under flooding waters, the villagers appealed desperately to Krishna for help.
Krishna protected them by lifting Govardhana Hill and holding it aloft like an umbrella, balanced on the little finger of His left hand, for seven days while the entire village and all the cows and calves remained sheltered beneath. For seven days no one felt any fatigue, hunger, or thirst.
Finally Indra understood his mistake. He called off the clouds, and after the floodwaters receded, he met Krishna in a secluded place to offer his apology and his obeisances.

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