Keshi the Horse Demon

The evil King Kamsa once sent his friend and ally, Keshi, to kill Krishna. Keshi had great powers, and he turned himself into a great and terrible horse. He galloped into the village of Vrindavan, his hooves thundering and his mane and tail flying. Everyone was terrified.
Krishna met him. Keshi at once recognized Krishna, and galloped full speed straight toward Him, intending to trample Him. Krishna, however, grabbed Keshi’s legs and threw the great horse a hundred yards. Keshi landed with a terrible thud, and was unconscious for a few moments, but he regained consciousness and got up to attack again.
This time he galloped toward Krishna with his mouth wide open and teeth bared, but Krishna shoved His fist deep into that mouth and flipped Keshi onto the ground. Krishna’s fist felt to Keshi like hot iron, and all his teeth fell out. Krishna swelled up His hand in Keshi’s mouth until it choked Keshi, and the great horse died. All the villagers congratulated Krishna, and the demigods watching above sent showers of flowers down upon Krishna.

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