Lord Nrsinghadeva Killing Hiranyakasipu

The story continues from the previous picture.
There was a terrible fight between Lord Nrsinghadeva and Hiranyakasipu. Lord Nrsinghadeva’s effulgence was so brilliant that at times Hiranyakasipu could not see him, yet he fought with determination. At last Lord Nrsinghadeva placed Hiranyakasipu on His lap and ripped open his chest with his sharp pointed nails. He tore out Hiranyakasipu’s heart, and put his intestines around His neck as a garland. Thus Hiranyakasipu was killed.
Yet the Lord respected all the benedictions given by His devotee Lord Brahma. He was neither man nor beast; He killed Hiranyakasipu at twilight, neither day nor night; He killed him on the porch, neither indoors nor outdoors; He killed him on His lap, not on land, sea, nor air; and He killed him with His nails, not with any weapon. Find out how this story ends in the next picture.

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