The Sivajvara

Once there was a great battle between Krishna’s forces and those of a demon named Banasura. Banasura was a worshiper of Lord Shiva, so in the battle, Lord Shiva felt obliged to fight on his devotees’s side against Krishna, even though Shiva himself worships Krishna. This was all for a pastime of the Lord.
The battle was going badly for Banasura, so Shiva called for his personified heat weapon, the Shivajvara, who is needed at the time of destruction. He came, burning everything to ashes wherever he walked, and he was heading for Krishna.
Never at a loss, Krishna simply called for His personified cold weapon, who cooled and neutralized the Shivajvara’s heat. Defeated, the Shivajvara surrendered to Krishna and begged for mercy.

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