One day, when Krishna and His cowherd boy friends were playing on Govardhana Hill, a demon who could fly in the sky approached. The demon’s name was Vyomasura. He turned himself into a cowherd boy and joined in their games.
The boys decided to play a game of thieves and constables, in which some boys were constables, some were thieves, and some were the sheep that the thieves would steal. Vyomasura played as a thief, and he stole the smaller boys who played as sheep, and put them into a cave on the hill. Then he blocked the cave with a big stone, and stole more boys.
Krishna saw what was happening, so He went to the cave and confronted Vyomasura. Vyomasura turned himself back into his own demon form and grew suddenly to a giant size to prevent Krishna from grabbing him. But Krishna simply threw the giant demon down and killed him, and then He rolled aside the stone and freed the boys.

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