I think I am my mind,

I thoughtfully explained.
Bewitched by its diversity,
I’m always entertained.

Though it’s unruly like a child
with a monster’s appetite
for amusement (Quickly riled),

just wanting this and liking that,
it craves so many things,
rejecting all that isn’t where it’s at,

I’m proud of all these likes
and dislikes making me distinct –
they’re my unique identity, by rights.

Aren’t they?

I’’m sure I am my mind.

It grows and flows, amazing me –
expands, combines, disintegrates
and recombines like chemistry.

Like molecules connecting in a link,
ideas formed just don’t hold still,
evaporating in a blink.

Of course I am my mind.

But if I change my mind, then –

Who is “I”?

I thought I was my mind.

The mind I had when I was two,
so vital at the time,
is gone for good, it’s true –

But I’m still here.

The mind I have today won’t stay,
and when I’m 90 years of age,
a whole new set of thoughts will play.

And through it all,
I’ll be just the same!

So then,

Who am I?


All content within © 2003 Madhava Priya Devi Dasi