The Ramayana is an ancient and well-loved epic poem about an incarnation of the Supreme Lord Krishna on earth, about a million years ago, as Ramachandra, the ideal king. The story is rich with intrigue, heroism, romance, and adventure, and with horrible monsters and strange creatures enough to put science fiction to shame. Even more strange to the modern mind is that this story is to be understood as totally true.
Here we see Lord Ramachandra, or Rama, with greenish complexion, accompanied by His brother Lakshman and the great monkey hero, Hanuman. The story tells of Rama’s wonderful qualities and of the plans to crown Him king, a plan which was thwarted, and of His subsequent exile into the forest for a number of years where He defeated and killed many dangerous demons. Near the end of the exile His wife Sita was kidnapped by the most dangerous demon of all, ten-headed Ravana. Rama, exiled from His rightful army, found help in a race of intelligent monkeys, and a great battle ensued…
Following are some 30 scenes selected for illustration from that great story.

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