Who Am I?

Who am I?
From what world did I come?
If I die will I end?

Tell me, how could eternity be,
how could time still exist without me?

There’s an instinct within, to defend.
There’s a knower who knows there’s no end.

Though I change, I’m the same who observes
my self struggling through all of life’s curves.

“Never was there any time when I didn’t exist,”
explained Krishna, “nor you,” (reassuring His friend)
“nor all of these kings coming here to contend!
Never. Nor in the future will any of us ever cease.”

What you’re saying sounds good but you surely will die,
were conceived a particular time, don’t deny.
Can’t see how it could be that you’ll always exist.
Your identity’s the body your mom and dad kissed.
“Some look on the soul as amazing,” He taught,
“But some people can’t understand him at all.”

No, surely there’s more, let me find out the truth!
I’ll ask and I’ll seek and I’ll be like a sleuth!
Is there knowledge of this? There seems such a dearth!
Does anyone know, on this whole planet earth?

No one knows, just enjoy, there’s no truth, it’s a lie.
You can do what you like till the day that you die.
"The soul can’t be harmed, never changes, won’t die.
This you can learn from a seer who’s seen;
you can learn if you try, if for knowledge you cry."
All content within © 2003 Madhava Priya Devi Dasi